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Seed Cleaning

Our thorough process for cleaning seed involves a Scalperator / Aspirator, Nine Roll Indent, Q Sage Wind and Screen, two Garratt Gravity Tables and a Butler Color Sorter. Depending on the requirements, some cleaners can be by-passed. 

Our cleaning facility is fully automated.

Fairview Co-op Seed Plant_Moment13 seed
Stalks of Wheat
Wheat, Oats, Barley, Canola, Peas,
Organic Crops Cleaning

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Dockage Seed Cleaning

Whatever the crop, our cleaning process ensures that your products are handled with the highest standards. 

Our facility is fully licensed and inspected to clean certified organic crops. 

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We have the ability to upgrade some off grade crops to market. We can clean crops that contain ergot, excreta and other heavy dockage. 


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