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About Fairview Co-operative Seed Cleaning Plant


Located in the M.D. of Fairview, half way between Grande Prairie and Peace River, Alberta, along the side of Highway 2,

Fairview Co-operative Seed Cleaning Plant is a grain, oilseed and pulse processing facility. Established in November 1961, the plant has been serving local farmers for over 58 years.

In 2013, a new plant was constructed, making it a modern, more streamlined facility. The construction included pneumatic conveying system with three 5000 bushel receiving bins, three 3500 bushel cleaning bins and three 2400 bushel screening bins with overhead load out on bins.  Equipped with Scalperator, Indent, Airscreen, Gravity Tables and Colour Sorter as well as 100 foot scale, this facility is capable of receiving 6000 bushels per hour. There are also several customer seed bins on site. 

Services offered include dockage cleaning and separations, top quality pedigreed seed sales and feed & screenings sales. We are also set up to process organic crops and dockage seed cleaning.  Additionally, we offer bagging of the product as well as grain testing with an accredited lab .

Carefully choosing our Pedigreed Seed varieties of Barley, Wheat, Winter Wheat, Yellow Peas and Canola available for sale, we are proud to offer CDC Ruffian Oats as the Grain Millers' preferred variety. Locally sourced and already cleaned* feed includes rolled or unrolled oats, peas and barley and can be purchased in mini bulk bags, 25 kg bags or per tonne. We also offer quality screenings.


Ernie Newman, the Plant Manager, has been with the plant for last 28 years.

Ernie is the "heart of the operations",  making sure your product is handled with the highest standards. The plant's employees are knowledgeable and while ensuring the quality of the services, they also pride on safety. Our Administration and Marketing Specialist is always looking for new ways to promote the facility and ensures excellent customer service.

The coffee is always on! Come talk to us, call or e-mail for a quote!



Our dedicated Board consist of many local farmers well as Councillors:


Board Chair: Adam Laliberte


Municipal District of Fairview No. 136: Peggy Johnson, Reeve,

Clear Hills County: Ray Wetmore, Councillor,


Directors: John Hammershmidt, Kent Moskalyk, 

Bob Ruether, John Miller, Darcy Kramer and Orrist Fedoruk


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